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ENG 2300
Film Analysis

Course Overview:

This class is an introductory class devoted to an overview of film techniques, film vocabulary, and film history. As an introduction to film analysis, this class provides students a working knowledge of film vocabulary and develops analytical tools in the context of film history and film theory. Having completed this course, a student should have a sense of both film history’s general outline and film theory’s most important issues.

While this is NOT a film appreciation course, you will hopefully gain a deeper appreciation of film as you study and analyze it. This IS a 6,000-word Gordon Rule class (per the Gordon Rule established by the Florida Legislature), you must meet the writing volume minimums in order to pass the course.

Course Objectives:

1. To gain a general introduction to film and film analysis.
2. To learn and practice applying theoretical and analytical strategies for viewing and writing about film.
3. To learn techniques and vocabulary for reviewing and analyzing film.
4. To involve films within the context of film history and film theory.
5. To learn techniques for improving stylistic clarity, concision, cohesion, and coherence.
6. To share ideas, philosophies, and writing strategies related to film and writing and develop individual and collaborative writing processes.
7. To critique and revise your own documents and peer’s writings to insure that they fulfill their audience and purpose.
8. To gain a greater appreciation for the medium of film and its meaning.




A special thanks to Kate, who donated materials and ideas for this class.