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Writing and Speaking in Business

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In business, where communication needs to be as clear as it is convincing, mastering the principles of effective, efficient writing and speaking is essential. GEB 3214/4930 – Writing and Speaking in Business is designed to teach business students the fundamentals of both written and spoken communication, allowing them to express their ideas effectively and efficiently and also preparing them for the communication demands of the business workplace. This course has four primary objectives central to professional writing in business:

  • mastery of basic presentation skills and awareness of verbal and non-verbal aspects of communication;
  • knowledge of the types of writing central to business communication;
  • mastery of the techniques for persuasive argumentation;
  • an understanding of the fundamentals of writing clearly, specifically, and concisely.

The workplace-based assignments in this course ensure that students learn professional communication principles within different organizational contexts, as they work on assignments, cases, and projects drawn from everyday business situations. The course emphasizes both internal and external communication, as well as how to select style, formats, and approaches appropriately according to context and audience. Assignments include e-mails, memos, letters, resumes, and individual documents as well as discussion boards, reports, and a PowerPoint presentation.

For this section of the course, please use this webpage as your definitive source for class information. If you have any questions, please email me at with GEB3214 or GEB 4930 in the subject line.