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AML 2410 Fall 2006
Issues in American Literature and Culture:
American Children's Popular Culture in Literature, Film and Media

Course Overview:

This course delimits the broad "Issues in American Literature and Culture" to cover specifically American Children's popular culture in literature, film, and media. This will include traditional books, cinema, television, music, video games, pop literature, comics, magazines, zines, and branch into children's material culture of clothes, food and toys. We will explore the changing media of childhood texts and the narratives they produce, situating each text within a historical context and ideological framework.

The American child is a production of a cultural amalgamation of cultural texts. We will be looking at children's culture divided into the following units:
-Introduction: Children's Culture
-Traditional Children's Books: Winning Books
-Popular Children's Media: Television, Blogs and Online Journals, Film and Video Games

Other topics may be covered in the final group project such as:
-Auditory Childhood: Music, Radio, and Storytelling
-Material Culture: Clothes, Toys and Food
-Traditional Children's Books: Diaries

For this class, the term "children" is broadly defined to incorporate youth culture as well.

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