ENL 2022: Survey of English Literature: 1750 to the Present

Instructor: Cathlena Martin
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Section: 1830
Office: 5th floor Rolfs or image lab
Office Hours: Wednesday, period 7 or by appointment
Mailbox: 4301 Turlington
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Week 1
M, August 25 – Course Introduction - read online material (Bressler) and write first journal entry. The Bressler article is a PDF file and will open in Adobe Acrobat. Let me know if you can't read it. It is from Bressler, Charles E. Literary Criticism: An introduction to theory and practice.3rd Ed. New Jersey: Prentice Hall, 1994, 2001.

W, August 27 – Course Introduction - discuss Bressler 1-15 “Chapter1: Defining Criticism, Theory, and Literature” and lecture on reading poetry.
Assignment - Read in Longman's Anthology pages 3-29 and write a journal entry

F, August 29 – discuss "The Romantics and Their Contemporaries” (3-29) -
Assignment - finish reading pages 3-29 in Longman's if you didn't get through it all. Also read Chapter One in Literature for Children pages 3-22. Write journal entry for the history of children's literature. (At this point I am going to stop including the assignment for writing the journal entry. Just get into the routine of writing one for every class and be sure to print it out and bring a hardcopy to class.

The Romantics (Volume 2A)
Week 2

M, Sept. 1 – No Class (Labor Day)

W, Sept. 3 – discuss historical info presented in Longman's intro and the Children's Lit history
Assignment - read the introduction to Blake (112-113), William Blake’s Songs of Innocence (118-125) , and “Chapter 3: New Criticism

F, Sept. 5 – discuss Blake and his Songs of Innocence
Assignment - read William Blake’s Songs of Experience (126-135); Bressler 179-196 "Chapter 10: New Historicism."; Russell Chapter 8 "Folk Literature"; and British FolkTales "Dick Whittington" (Crossley-Holland, Kevin. British Folk Tales. New York: Orchard Books. 1988.)

Blake's illuminated books

Week 3
M, Sept. 8 – discuss Blake Songs of Experience
Assignment - read The introduction to Mary Wollstonecraft; Wollstonecraft’s A Vindication on
the Rights of Woman and Maria; or The Wrongs of Woman (excerpts from) (227-268)

W, Sept. 10 – discuss Wollstonecraft reading and have Rights debate
“Assignment - read Perspectives: The Wollstonecraft Controversy and the Rights of Women”
(269-308) (contemporary responses to the text and other contributions to the
Woman Question)

F, Sept. 11 – discuss contemporary responses
Assignment - read The introduction to William Wordsworth (336-337); W. Wordsworth’s
“Preface” (356-362), “There was a Boy” (362), “Strange fits of passion have I known”
(363), “Lucy Gray” (365), “Michael” (369), “I wandered lonely as a cloud” (453), and
“The Solitary Reaper” (460)

Week 4
M, Sept. 15 – discuss Wordsworth - go outside, enjoy nature, read Ode Imtimations of Immortality from Recollections of Early Childhood (454-460) and compare Wordsworth's view of childhood to any one of Blake's poems that present a glimpse of childhood. Write this comparison as an extra journal entry.
Asignment - read the introduction to Dorothy Wordsworth (465-467); D. Wordsworth’s
“Grasmere–A Fragment” (467), “Irregular Verses” (470), “Floating Island”

W, Sept. 17 – The introduction to Samuel Taylor Coleridge; Coleridge’s “Rime of the Ancyent
Marinere” (Part 1) (526-528), “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” (528-545), and “Kubla Kahn” (545-546)

F, Sept. 19 - No class - use this time to catch up on your reading and journals.
The introduction to George Gordon, Lord Byron; “The Byronic Hero” (638-654);
excerpts from “Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage” (654-666);

Week 5
M, Sept. 22 – discuss evaluations and Coleridge
Assignment - read Byron’s "She Walks in Beauty" (602); the introduction to Percy Bysshe Shelley (752-
754); P.B. Shelley’s “To Wordsworth” (754), “Mont Blanc” (754-7), and “Ozymandias” (760) ALSO - begin reading Frankenstein

W, Sept. 24 – discuss Byron and Shelley
Assignment - read the intro to P.B. Shelley’s “Adonias” (776-778) and selection from “The Defense of Poetry”
(800-810); the introduction to John Keats(852-854); “The Eve of St. Agnes” (865-875), “Ode to a Nightingale” (879), and “To Autumn” (886) ALSO - continue reading Frankenstein

F, Sept. 26 – discuss Keats
Assignment - read Keats’ “La Belle Dame sans Mercy” (875-876), "Ode on a Grecian Urn" (882); letters (900-904, 909-915); Felicia Hemans Intro (810-812), "Evening Prayer, at a Girl's School" (818) ALSO finish reading Frankenstein

Week 6
M, Sept. 29 – discuss Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein
Assignment - Send one exam question to the listserve by tonight and bring the answer to your question to class on Wednesday.

W, Oct.1 – finish Frankenstein and have a Review Day

F, Oct. 3 – EXAM ONE - in-class portion and take-home class


The Victorians (Volume 2B)
Week 7
M, Oct. 6 – Exam One - Turn in take-home portion of the exam
Assignment - begin reading "The Victorian Age" (1008-1031)

W, Oct. 8 – disuss first part of intro to “The Victorian Age”
Assignment - finish reading “The Victorian Age” (1008-1031)

F, Oct. 10 – discuss intro to the Victorian Age
Assignment -read intro to Charles Dickens (1355-1357) and begin reading Hard Times (read at least to the end of Book the First: Sowing)

Week 8
M, Oct. 13 – Discuss the first book in Hard Times
Assignment - read Charles Dickens’ Hard Times (read at least to the end of Book the Second: Reaping)

W, Oct. 15 – Discuss the second book in Hard Times
Assignmnet - Hard Times contd. You should finish the book by Friday.Also read “Perspectives: The Industrial Landscape” (1047-1072)

F, Oct. 17 – Discuss the third book in Hard Times
Assignment - read Perspectives: Imagining Childhood (1705-1746)

Week 9
M, Oct. 20 – discuss the Perspectives reading
Assignment - read all of the works by Lewis Carroll (1689-1704) and the Just So Stories by Rudyard Kipling (1763-1767) plus the introduction to both men.

W, Oct. 22 – discuss Lewis Carroll and Rudyard Kipling
Assignment - read the introduction to Christina Rossetti and “Goblin Market” (1618-1630)

F, Oct. 24 – discuss Goblin Market
Assignment - read John Stuart Mill's Chapter 1 of his autobiography (1095-1098); Sir Edmund Gosse's from Father and Son "No fiction of any kind" (1300-1301); Frances Power Cobbe's from her life story (1517-1521); Thomas Hughes' from Tom Brown's School Days (1536-1538).

EXTRA CREDIT - use this form to evaluate the play. Turn it in with a ticket stub for extra credit. Evaluations/reviews should be over a page in length.

Week 10
M, Oct. 27 – discuss the largely autobiographical reading we had over the weekend
Assignment - read the introduction to Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and “A Scandal in Bohemia” (1447-1463)

W, Oct. 29 – discuss the Sherlock Holmes story
Assignment - read the introduction to Stevenson and the Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (1819-1859)

F, Oct. 31 – HALLOWEEN - Feel free to bring candy - discuss Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Assignment - read the introduction to Oscar Wilde (1860-1862); Wilde’s “Preface to The Picture of
Dorian Gray” (1883-1884) and The Importance of Being Earnest (1884-1924)

Week 11
M, Nov. 3 – Discuss Oscar Wilde
Assignment - read Alan Moore's League of Extraordinary Gentlemen

W, Nov. 5 – discuss Alan Moore’s League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
Assignment - "How do I love thee? Let me count the ways" (1111); "The Lady of Shalott" (1141)

F, Nov. 7 – No Class (Homecoming)
Assignment - Monday is the last day to turn in play response for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. The play ends November 9th.
Read - "My last Duchess" (1311); "Dover Beach" (1551); "God's Grandeur" (1679)

Week 12
M, Nov. 10 – Discuss poems and do a writing review and discuss MLA. Here is a good webpage Stacy emailed the listserv that will do MLA for you.
Assignment - Last day to turn in play response for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
Email one essay question and one I.D. with the answer by tonight and study for your exam

W, Nov. 13 – In class review

F, Nov. 15 – Exam Two
This is the last day to turn in corrected Exam One essays.

The Twentieth-Century
Week 13
M, Nov. 17 – Exam Two -Turn in take-home portion of the exam and journals for the Victorian period
In class - Take Comparability Study for the AP English Program (not for a grade).
Assignment - The introduction to the Twentieth Century (1990-2014)

W, Nov. 19 -discuss the rest of the semester (presentations and papers for Final Exam)
Assignment - read The introduction to Burning your Boats and selections from the section titled "The Bloody Chamber and other stories" (The Bloody Chamber, The Snow Child)

F, Nov. 21 – discuss Angela Carter
Assignment - read selections from the section titled "The Bloody Chamber and other stories" (The Werewolf, The Company of Wolves, and Wolf-Alice) and read Chapter 8 from Bressler on Feminist Criticism.

Week 14
M, Nov. 24 – No Class - meet and work with your groups for your presentations next week
Assignment - read the Intro to William Butler Yeats (2242-2246) and "The Second Coming" "A Prayer for My Daughter" and "Among School Children"

W, Nov. 26 – No Class (Thanksgiving)
Assignment - read the Intro to Stevie Smith (2799) and all four of her poems in our text

F, Nov. 28 – No Class (Thanksgiving)

Week 15
M, Dec. 1 – Presentations (Kathryn and Mason)
Assignment -read the Into to Sylvia Plath (2808) and "Daddy" "Lady Lazarus" and "Child"

W, Dec. 3 – Presentations (Rachel and Carrie)
Assignment - read the Intro to T.S. Eliot and "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock"

F, Dec. 5 – Presentations (Peter on Tolkien and Jenny on Lewis) - Final paper due for people who did not do a presentation.
Assignment - and just for kicks, read the Intro to James Joyce and the excerpt from "Finnegans Wake" (a true test in reading)

Week 16
M, Dec. 8 – review for exam

W, Dec. 10 – In-class Exam three - last day of class - turn in final journals and any other class material.
Once grades are posted, you may email me and request any papers or journals back. Otherwise I will keep them.

F, Dec. 12 – No Class (Reading Day)