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ENC2210: Technical Writing


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Instructor: Cathlena Martin
Section: 1743
Times: MWF 5(11:45-12:35)
Classroom: Turlington 2354
Office: Turlington 4413 or Image Lab on the 5th floor of Rolfs Hall
Office Hours: Period directly following class or by appointment
Mailbox: Turlington 4th floor
Class Website:
Class Gradebook:
Class Listserv email:

sign up on the class listserv by emailing with "subscribe" in the body text

Week 1: 1/5-1/7

Block 1
Course overview; what is tech writing?;
Assignment: Markel chapters 1 & 15

Block 2
Student introductions; discuss chapters 1 & 15, rhetorical approach, and memo format
Assignment: Read Markel chapter 3; introductory memo; sign up on class listserv by Sunday night 9PM by emailing with "subscribe" in the body text. Then follow the instructions on the reply email.

Week 2: 1/10-1/14

Block 3
Introductory memo rough draft DUE
Discuss chapter 3;
Assignment: Read Markel chapter 16; Find and bring in an example of a possible job or classified listing

Block 4
Introductory memo DUE
Quiz; discuss chapter16 and introduce job application package; brainstorm about possible target jobs
Assignment: Begin brain storming what needs to be included on your personal resume

Resume Help from the UF Career Resouce Center

Block 5
Discuss job examples students found. Discuss Resume superstructure and guidelines; relevancy and memorableness.
Assignment: Read Markel chapter 21

Week 3: 1/17-1/21 (MLK Day 1/17—No Classes)

Block 6 & 7
Guest lecturer from the CRC on resume

Assignment: study samples in Markel and packet

Block 8
Lecture on cover letters (review chapter 16).
Critique packet samples in technical writing handbook;

prep for writing workshops
Assignment: Markel chapters 10 & 11, Williams Lessons 3 & 7

Week 4: 1/24-1/28

Block 9
cover letter and resume rough drafts due
Writing workshop for resume and cover letter
discuss Markel chapters 10

Writing Helps

Assignment: work on the first draft of your job application packet

Block 10
QUIZ over the reading
Complete drafts for job application package DUE
Writing workshop for memo
Discuss Markel chapters 11, Williams lessons 3 & 7
Assignment: polish job application packet. Monday you will turn in the three parts, plus the introductory memo I handed back, in a pocket folder. DO NOT staple the letter, resume and memo together. This will be due at the beginning of class.

Block 11
No class
Assignment: polish job application packet; read pages 55-73 in the Technical Writing course packet (not Markel and not the Style book)

Week 5: 1/31-2/4

Block 12
Job application package DUE: grading rubric for job application
Discuss writing for cases using example of Farnsworth case
Introduce case studies and the Four Oaks
Assignment: read packet information on Four Oaks case study (85-94), you will complete Assignment 4 on page 94 in the packet over the next two weeks

Block 13
Go over Farnsworth step by step
Discuss Four Oaks case
Assignment: re-read Four Oaks case and think specifically about audience

Block 14
Discuss Four Oaks case
Role play about rhetorical situation and invent for recommendation report
Assignment: read Redish et al. article in packet

Week 6: 2/7-2/11

Block 15
Accessibility; setting the context
Discuss examples of good and bad accessibility:
Video Game Walkthroughs, FAQs
User Friendly Manual
Assignment: Markel chapters 18 & 19; work on draft of Four Oaks proposal based on the format presented in Chapter 19: A Formal Recommendation Report

Block 16
Rough draft due
Report Superstructure and Guidelines; peer review with rough drafts
Assignment: Get together with your group/partner or email each other your Four Oaks assignment. Finish the peer review by class time Monday. You may just email papers and comments back and forth with your group or physically meet together to do the peer review.

Week 7: 2/14-2/18

Block 17 - Happy Valentine's Day (no class)
Assignment: polish Four Oaks proposal/informal report; email me if you have any questions regarding the Four Oaks case.

Block 18
Four Oaks report DUE; Four Oaks grading rubric
introduce Heated Sidewalk case
Assignment: read packet information on Heated Sidewalk case

Block 19
No class due to Transforming Encounters conference. You are welcome to come hear me present on children, science and video games from 11:30 to noon instead of coming to class, but I understand if you just want to take the day off.

Week 8: 2/21-2/25

Block 21
Discuss rhetorical situation and ethical dilemma related to Heated Sidewalk case
Invent for letter/memo
Assignment: read Williams Style chapter on Ethics and Markel chapter 2

Block 22
Discuss Ethics of technical communication
Assignment: Work on rough draft


Week 9


Week 10: 3/7-3/11

Block 23
Rough Draft DUE
Writing workshop for Heated Sidewalk assignment
Assignment: Polish Heated Sidewalk assignment

Block 24
Heated Sidewalk assignment DUE; sidewalk grading rubric
introduce proposal and instructions assignments; proposal superstructure and guidelines
Assignment: read Markel chapter 17

Block 25
No class
Assignment: read Markel chapter 4

Week 11: 3/14-3/18

Block 26
Problem statement exercise; invent for introduction and problem sections
Assignment: Markel chapter 13 & 14

Block 27
Invent for solution and management sections; designing and integrating visuals

Block 28
Attend one panel or keynote speech of Playing the Past Conference instead of today's class
Assignment: Markel chapters 7 & 8

Week 12: 3/21-3/25

Block 29

Block 30
Proposal due; review instructions assignments; instructions superstructure and guidelines
Assignment: Markel chapter 20

Week 13: 3/28-4/1

Block 31
Task analysis; invent for step-by-step and troubleshooting sections

Block 32
Document design and visuals (focus on figures)
Assignment: packet; Markel chapter 13 (review)

Week 14: 4/4-4/8

Block 33
Thumbnail sketches and grids

Block 34
Grids due; verbal and visual clarity; legal and ethical considerations
Assignment: study samples in Markel and packet

Block 35
Critique samples

Week 15: 4/11-4/15

Block 36
Instructions due; self and peer evaluations; introduce user testing
Assignment: Markel chapter 10, exercises 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8.

Block 37
User testing; groups invent user test guides

Block 38
Invent user test guides
Assignment: user tests
Week 16: 4/18-4/20

Block 39
User test reports due; discuss revision

Block 40
Revision of instructions due; course evaluations




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