Important Dates:
Classes begin January 6
Spring Break March 8-15
Class Cancelled – Conference Presentation April 9-11
Classes End April 23

Week 1
M 1/6: First Day of Class – syllabus and introduction to the NWE
Assignment: Read all four main "What is the NWE?" pages and Using the Xwindows environment

W 1/8:In class: More on the NWE and introductions from each student
Assignment: Read all five main NWE account information pages and the general help pages

F 1/10: In class: Introduction to revisionist fairy tales with Weisner's The Three Pigs
Assignment: read intro to the MOO and CFT “Introduction” p ix-xviii

Week 2
M 1/13: In class: Introduction to interactive fiction and video games and Classic Fairy Tales- Sexton poem
Assignment: Begin keeping your response journal on Alice
CFT pages 378-387

W 1/15: In class: Discussion of Propp - "The Swan-Geese" and picture narrative
Assignment:Assignment: After reading through the list of Propp's functions, try them out on a popular narrative that you know well (ie movie, book). Remember that Propp is interested in structure, not in details. Thus any group of people might potentially play the role of "family" in Propp's schema, and the technologically advanced weapons which James Bond always receives from Q before setting out on his adventures would be equivalent to the "magical agent or helper" of Function 14. Use the final analysis version of "The Swan-Geese" as an example.

F 1/17: Discuss Propp with student example's from h.w. Introduction to LRRH-
Assignment: read CFT pages 3-24

Week 3: LRRH
M 1/20: No class - school holiday
Assignment: play Alice and if you didn't read it this weekend, read CFT p3-24

W 1/22: In class: Discuss “The Story of Grandmother,” Perrault’s and Grimms’ versions, Thurber, Calvino, and Mi
Assignment: CFT p 317-332 and Carter and Sexton

F 1/24: In class: Discuss Dahl, Carter, and Sexton. MLA helps
Assignment: Begin research and writing structure paper - pick two versions of LRRH for paper and bring them to class Monday

Week 4: LRRH
M 1/27: In class: Discussion of student findings for the paper.
Assignment: work on structure paper

W 1/29: In class: peer review – rough draft due (onto the third page)-- hints for writing a critique
Assignment: finish structure paper and critique group's papers

F 1/31: In class: Writing about Structure paper Due Monday
Assignment: CFT p 74-100

Gung Hay Fat Choy!!! .... Happy Chinese New Year!

Week 5: Snow White and turn in final LRRH paper
M 2/3: In class: Introduction to Snow White
Assignment: play Alice and review p 74-100

W 2/5: In class: Discuss Basile and Grimm - particularly looking at character
Assignment: read Snow White Management - begin looking for another version of Snow White to work with for your next paper.

F 2/7: In class: Discuss Gheug and Sexton
Assignment: CFT p 291-308 and watch Snow White: A Tale of Terror before next Friday

Week 6: Snow White
M 2/10: In class: Discuss feminism with Gilbert and Gubar and Rowe
Assignment: work on paper

W 2/12: In class: CLASS CANCELLED - there will be a screening of Snow White in Rolfs 114 at 5:00PM. If you can not make the screening you need to watch the movie before Friday- sign up for conference times
Assignment: watch Snow White: A Tale of Terror

F 2/14: Valentine’s Day
In class: Discussion of movie
Assignment: CFT p 138-178, have rough draft of paper #2 ready for your conference time - bring the rough draft to your conference

Week 7: Individual Conferencing
M 2/17: No class- Conferences
Assignment: work on paper #2 - bring rough draft to conference

W 2/19: No class - Conferences
Assignment: CFT p 364-373

Thurs 2/20 - Conferences

F 2/21: No class - Conferences
Assignment: peer critiques, refresh your memory on the Bluebeard chapter in CFT

Week 8: Bluebeard
M 2/24: In class: Peer Review papers - bring two copies of your rough draft
Assignment: write critique - make sure you have read the Bluebeard chapter for Wednesday's class

W 2/26: In class: Final Essay #2 Due: In your pocket folder should be: two copies of your final draft, your rough drafts, your critique of your groupmembers paper.

F 2/28: In class: No class, but be sure to start on the reading Alice, which we will begin after a day look at Bluebeard on Monday
Assignment: AW p Preface and 3-34 due next Wednesday

Week 9: Alice in Wonderland
M 3/3: In class: A day on Bluebeard
Assignment: AW Preface and p3-34

W 3/5: In class: Discuss Chapters 1-4
Assignment: AW p 35-61

F 3/7: In class: Discuss Chapters 5-7
Assignment: AW p62-99

Week 10: SPRING BREAK – finish Through the Looking Glass

Week 11
M 3/17: In class: Discuss Chapters 8-12
Assignment: Comparison/Contrast Draft Due Wednesday

W 3/19: In class: Comparison/Contrast Draft Due – Peer Review
Assignment: Two page peer critiques

F 3/21: In class: Peer Review
Assignment: Revise paper

Week 12: Alice in Wonderland and Alice
M 3/24: In class: Comparison/Contrast Paper Due
Assignment: play Alice

W 3/26: In class: Discussion of video game Alice
Assignment: play Alice

F 3/28: In class: Discussion of video game Alice
Assignment: pick a fairy tale for the MOO scene

Week 13: MOO
M 3/31: In class: group brain storming session for MOO scene
Assignment: write a one page preliminary proposal for your MOO scene

W 4/2: In class: In class MOO session
Assignment: continue with MOO scene

F 4/4: In class: In class MOO session
Assignment: finish up response journal

Week 14: MOO
M 4/7: Daylight Savings Time began Sunday. If you forgot to Spring forward, check the syllabus for your assignment.
In class: Response Journal Due
Assignment: work on MOO scene

W 4/9: In class: - No class
Assignment: work on MOO scene

F 4/11: In class: - No class
Assignment: work on MOO scene

Week 15
M 4/14: In class: finish MOO scene

W 4/16: In class: MOO scene and paper Due

F 4/18: In class: Presentations of MOO scene

Week 16
M 4/21: In class: Presentations of MOO scene

W 4/23: Final Day of class – evaluations

Have a wonderful summer!