ENC 1102: Writing About Literature

Instructor: Cathlena Martin
Email: cathlena@ufl.edu
Section: 4424
Office: 5th floor Rolfs (or check the image lab)
Office Hours: Thursday, period 6
Mailbox: 4301 Turlington
Classroom: Turlington 2305 MTWRF period 7
URL: http://www.clas.ufl.edu/users/cmartin

Class listserve email: sb03-4424@clas.ufl.edu

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Important Dates:
Class begins June 30
No Class: Independence Day – July 4
Class ends August 8
Final Grades available on ISIS August 11

Week 1
M 6/30: First Day of Class – syllabus, introduction of students, and introduction to revisionist fairy tales with Weisner’s The Three Pigs. Give assignment for movie review.
Every Monday after this first week, there will be a movie screening after or before class (periods 5/6 or 8/9) depending on students’ schedule. This screening takes the place of Tuesday’s class
Assignment: Go out this afternoon and buy your texts for this class.

T 7/1: Film Screening: Freeway (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0116361) Running Time: 110 min
Assignment: write movie review

W 7/2: Movie Review DUE TODAY.
Lecture: “Fairy Tales are like Pornography: You know it when you see it”
Assignment: read CFT “Introduction” pix-xvii

ALSO - email this address to sign up on the class listserve: sb03-4424-request@clas.ufl.edu Be sure and type "subscribe" in the body of the email text to sign up. After you are on the list, to email the class you will use this email address, which will email the whole class: sb03-4424@clas.ufl.edu The listserve is for any questions, comments, help that you may need and also as a convenient way to communicate for peer reviews.

R 7/3: Intro to the Classic Fairy Tales and picture narrative, explain hw based on reading Propp
Assignment: CFT pages 378-387. Before Monday's class, email the listserve with some comment about the movie Freeway pertaining to fairy tales.

~Thanks for good discussion in class today! Have a great holiday.

F 7/4: No class for Independence Day
Assignment: After reading through the list of Propp's functions, try them out on a popular narrative that you know well (ie movie, book). Remember that Propp is interested in structure, not in details. Thus any group of people might potentially play the role of "family" in Propp's schema, and the technologically advanced weapons which James Bond always receives from Q before setting out on his adventures would be equivalent to the "magical agent or helper" of Function 14. Use the final analysis version of "The Swan-Geese" as an example. Follow this link to walk through the whole process hypertextually for the story "The Swan-Geese". Your story may not have this many, but at least try and find five functions.

Week 2 - LRRH
M 7/7: Discussion of Propp, student’s homework, and structure paper.
Assignment: read CFT p3-24

Each Film Screening will be held Monday after class. If you have to leave before the movie is over, you are still responsible for renting and watching the movie for your movie review.

Film Screening: Jin-Roh (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0193253) Running Time: 102 min
Assignment: First draft of structure paper due tomorrow

Remember - there is no class on Tuesday.

W 7/9: Movie Review DUE TODAY and first draft of structure paper DUE TODAY. Be sure to bring THREE (3) copies of your rough draft. Discuss Jin-Roh.
This will be a peer review day to conference your first draft
Assignment: Rewrite your structure paper to fit the second assignment, focusing on only one version of "LRRH". Read Carter and Sexton.

Here is the revised assignment for paper one: STEP ONE: You will choose two LRRH texts (one can be from the selection that we read, but one needs to be a text you find on your own) and examine the structural similarities or differences. This will give you the base you need by looking at one "original" version to then branch off and solely discuss your found LRRH revision. STEP TWO: After writing your comparision between the "original" text and the revised text, you are just going to focus on the revised text. This does not mean that you completely scrap the "original" text, because you only know something is a revision by comparing it to the original. But, now that you have a better grasp on how the two texts compare, you can go more in depth and focus more on the revisionist text. In looking at that revisionist text, you will be asking yourself the following questions: How do I know that this text I found IS a revision of LRRH? What functions/characteristics are present to indicate a LRRH theme and structure? What does this particular version add to the fairy tale and why?

R 7/10: Discuss “The Story of the Grandmother,” Perrault’s and Grimm’s version. Peer edit in class.
Assignment: Write peer critique. Here are some helpful hints that I mentioned in class for the peer review. Se sure and bring two copies of each critique so that you can turn one copy back to the author and turn one copy into me.

F 7/11: Discuss Thurber, Calvino, Mi, Dahl, Sexton, and Carter. Hand back peer critiques to your group members.
Assignment: Read CFT p 74-100. Polish your final paper to turn in on Monday.

Week 3 – Snow White
M 7/14: Stucture Paper DUE TODAY. Introduction to Snow White and discussion of reading
Assignment: CFT 291-297

Film Screening: Snow White: A Tale of Terror (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0119227) Running Time: 100 min
Assignment: write film review

W 7/16: Movie Review DUE TODAY. Schedule time for conference. The individual conferences will take the place of Thursday’s class. Discuss Snow White
Assignment: work on character paper and read CFT p332-352

R 7/17: Individual Conferencing with me about your first paper – bring any questions you have about the character paper with you to the conference.
Assignment: work on character paper

F 7/18: Rough Draft of character paper DUE TODAY - we will do inclass peer reviews.
Assignment: polish character paper for Monday

Week 4 - Bluebeard
M 7/21:Character paper DUE TODAY
Assignment: read CFT p 138-178

Film Screening: Into the Woods (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0099851) Running Time: we will watch the first act today and the second act next week. The entire play is 153 mins.
Assignment: write movie review of first act

W 7/23: Movie Review DUE TODAY and discuss bluebeard and the first act of Into the Woods
Assignment: work on setting paper

R 7/24: Discuss Bluebeard and the first draft of your setting paper is DUE TODAY. Today will be a peer review day
Assignment: write a peer review critique

F 7/25: give back peer critiques and discuss bluebeard
Assignment: polish setting paper and read Fables and begin Scott McCloud

Week 5 – Comics and Comparison/Contrast Paper
M 7/28: Setting paper DUE TODAY. Discuss comic theory and fables, go over creative comic assignment and decide groups
Assignment: work on comparison/contrast paper and read McCloud

Film Screening: Into the Woods (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0099851) Running Time: we are watching the second act today
Assignment: write movie review and work on comp/contrast paper

W 7/30: Movie Review DUE TODAY
Assignment: write comp/contrast paper and read McCloud

R 7/31: rough draft of comparison/contrast paper DUE TODAY and peer review of comp/contrast paper
Assignment: write peer reivew, polish comp/contrast paper and read McCloud

F 8/1: Research Day (outside class)
Assignment: read Castle Waiting and finish McCloud. Email your peer review to the correct person.

Week 6 - Comics
M 8/4:Compare and Contrast Paper DUE TODAY and discuss Castle Waiting and comics project
Assignment: work on comic!!!

Film Screening: Ever After (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0120631) Running Time: 121 min or The Princess Bride (http://us.imdb.com/Title?0093779) Running Time: 98 min. Because of the running time I am sure the class will vote for the Princess Bride, which is fine. My favorite review on IMDB.com of the Princess Bride states it as "The Shrek of the Eighties."
Assignment: work on comic and write movie review

W 8/6: Movie Review DUE TODAY – in class workshop day on comic.
Assignment: finish comic

R 8/7:Comics and comic paper DUE TODAY - Final presentations of comics and UF evaluation

F 8/8: Last Day of Class - Final presentations of comics and personal evaluations.