ENC 1101

Fall 2002

Grammar Panel Assignment

Each student will sign up for a particular focus within the larger category or grammar. This could be any number of topics from commas to subject/verb agreement. You are to become the expert on that particular grammatical convention in order to present it to the class in a creative and informative way. The object is to teach the class about your grammatical convention so that they can incorporate correct usage within their writing. The presentation will be graded in two parts for a total of 50 points: the verbal presentation and the visual presentation.


· You are making an argument for your topic, therefore put into practice what you learned reading about spoken arguments in Chapter 17.

· Be prepared. This includes everything from being ready to present when class starts to having your handouts stapled and ready to pass out.

· Know what you are going to say do not rely solely on reading your handout.

· Have a structure to your presentation with a definite beginning and end. Try to make smooth transitions between points or different activities.


· You are required to have a handout, which may count as your visual, but I encourage you to do more than just a handout.

· If you use information from outside sources, even your handbook, you must cite that information somewhere on your handout.

· Try to incorporate what you learned about visual arguments from Chapter 15 in your presentation.

In both areas, BE CREATIVE. Your classmates and I will appreciate every added touch of creativity that you can add to your presentation.