ENC 1101

Fall 2002

Advertisement Essay

Assignment: During the first few weeks of class, you will need to select a print advertisement to read and interpret. The ad itself can come from any number or sources, but I would encourage you to choose either a magazine you read regularly or an advertisement that you have a connection with the product. This will give you a head start in understanding with the argument of the ad is and how it is constructed. You will need to consider what argument the advertisement makes and to what audience. Think of gender, race, class, and age. Also, consider what medium (magazine, newspaper, or web page) the advertisement came from and how this helps you interpret the ad. Think of this essay as a formal extension of your journal entries and review the questions on determining argument that I gave for your journal, or look in your book under visual arguments (page 258-239). However, do not just go through the questions and answer them one after another in your essay. You will need to structure your essay around a central thesis and present evidence, either from your ad or your outside resource, to back up your assertions. Therefore, you will need to find at least one secondary source on your product or the outlet that advertises your product. Attach the advertisement to your paper and avoid simply summarizing the images – your audience will be looking at the ad in conjunction with your essay. Your essay should be 1,000 words and comply with standard MLA format. Finally, remember that your essay will be critiqued by a group of your peers as well as graded by me; therefore, your ad and your essay must be something that you are comfortable sharing with others.

Presentation: Two copies of your final paper plus the advertisement are to be in the left-hand pocket of a folder. In the right hand pocket are all of your rough drafts, especially the ones critiqued by your classmates in peer review, your classmates’ one-page critique, and any outside sources you used in writing your paper.

All assignments are due at the beginning of class.

Please remember the late work policy and plagiarism penalties are in effect. Your paper will be deducted one letter grade for every day that it is late and could result in a failing grade if you plagiarize. If you have any questions, please see me as soon as possible.

Evaluation Criteria:

An "A" paper presents a well-articulated critique of the argument and conveys meaning skillfully.

A typical paper in this category

A "C" paper demonstrates some competence in its critique of the argument and in conveying meaning but is obviously flawed.

A typical paper in this category exhibits one or more of the following characteristics:

· contains occasional major errors or frequent minor errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics that can interfere with meaning

· lacks the required outside sources or the integration of these sources into the paper

· displays incorrect usage of MLA format

· does not meet the required page/word length


An "E" paper demonstrates fundamental deficiencies in both analysis AND writing.

A typical paper in this category exhibits more than one of the following characteristics:

· contains pervasive errors in grammar, usage, or mechanics that result in incoherence or the reader’s ability to follow the argument

· lacks the required outside sources

· significantly insufficient in terms of the page/word requirement


B’s and D’s will also be rewarded to papers, but the evaluation criteria was meant to give the student an idea of the grading rubric.